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Thin Scanning Solutions

Rapid Deployment and True Digital Transformation

of Your Scanner Fleet


  • No software installation; true thin client
  • Network connectivity; no USB or PC required
  • Secure browser-based scanning
  • Centralized scanner management
  • Advanced security with digital signature
  • Pull-scanning capability
  • Single Sign-On with Active Directory/LDAP
  • Scanner, user and workflow management
  • Output connectors (email, SFTP & folder)
  • APIs and SDKs available for integration
  • Fast deployment; device registration in minutes


The challenges of managing documents in today’s distributed workforce are many. That’s why we’ve developed our Thin Scanning Solutions document scanning ecosystem that empowers you to capture and access documents securely and effortlessly from anywhere.

Our Thin Scanning Solutions with Xerox® Scanner technology makes cloud capture on the web a reality, eliminating the need to download drivers or scanning applications to local PCs or clients. Our solutions are composed of a Xerox® network document scanner and P3iD Technologies highly-secure Thin Scanner web applications, ensuring your documents are always safe and secure.


With Thin Scanning Solutions, you can support operations across several different workgroups in your organization, including accounts payable, document archiving, contract processing, records management, supply chain, content management, and ERP/CRM administration. Thin Scanning Solutions also provide cost savings by removing the requirement for legacy technology components within your organization, allowing you to realize tangible budget, time, and resource savings.


Thin Scanning Solutions make install, hosting and remote management nearly effortless. You’ll also enjoy automated activity reporting, superior uptime, and fast image processing, taking your document capture processes to the next level. With Xerox® network scanners and our Thin Scanning Solutions, the focus is on providing you with a customizable solution that simplifies your device and document management and saves you time and money.

No Software Install, No Drivers Required


  • Launch your preferred browser with no software to install.
  • Type in your company’s custom web address.


  • Select your Xerox® scanner with Thin Scanning Technology.
  • Securely initiate the scanning process.


  • Send your scanned documents into a workflow.
  • Or send to cloud storage, a local hard drive, or a USB device.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take document capture to the next level.


Never before has setting up your document scanner been this easy. Simply connect to the scanner’s web interface and follow the Xerox Thin Scanning Solution registration utility. Upon completion, you can now use your custom Xerox Thin Scanning Solution. As part of your purchase you will receive a customized web address that your organizations can use from any browser to initiate image capture.


Because Thin Scanning Solutions require only a network connection (no installed software), scanning in traditionally difficult environments such as Citrix, VMWare, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Microsoft Cloud PC, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), PCoIP, and other thin client and virtualized networks is now a reality.


As a true thin client, web-based system, Thin Scanning Solutions only require a web browser now organizations can use 100% of their devices to scan documents whether they are using Linux, Mac, Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE or others. All users have to do is launch their favorite web browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, or Opera and they can easily scan documents.

Thin Scanning Solution Options

Xerox® D70n Thin Scanning Solution
Departmental scanner, ideal for distributed capture use cases

Xerox® N60w Thin Scanning Solution
Touchscreen scanner, perfect for web and push scanning for hybrid workflows

Xerox® W130 Thin Scanning Solution
Production scanner, recommended for large volume web scanning and quick digitizing needs
SpeedUp to 90 ppm / 180 ipmUp to 65 ppm / 130 ipmUp to 135 ppm / 270 ipm
ADF Capacity100-sheet ADF100-sheet ADF500-sheet ADF
Daily Duty Cycle15,000 pages10,000 pages100,000 pages
Thin Scanning Features
  • Visioneer VAST Network© technology with TWAIN Direct®
  • Thin Scanner browser-based administration & cloud capture
  • Thin Scanner web hosting & remote management (3-year or 5-year options)
  • Optional multi-factor biometric authentication
  • 3 standard connectors (SFTP, email, file folder)
  • Automated activity reporting